Making Families & Communities Stronger ~ Together

Our mission is to educate, guide and motivate a new approach towards development, growth, and future ambitions individual to all. We will provide all children with the education and the skills to increase their level of satisfaction in life.

~Plant a small seed of knowledge…. And many generations of better lives will grow~

Who We Are

LMM Inc. was founded in 2015 to provide children with the best educational experience possible to grow academically, physically, mentally, and socially. The foundation supports children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. LMM inspires transformative growth, teaches appreciation and stewardship to our world, and challenges children to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives. We teach and learn in settings that take advantage of indoor and outdoor classrooms to teach appreciation of all environments. Empowering children in a supportive classroom environment develops their attitudes toward learning and unleashes their potential.

We strive to make everyone’s experience the best it can be. LMM strongly believes in collaboration and
communication with families.

Dedication towards the enrichment of your children and our environment enhance the fun!

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