Little Minds Matter early learning is designed to be unique to your child's needs!

This is where learning and growing in an engaging environment means meeting children where they are developmentally. In each room, teachers facilitate growth and development by setting, building towards, and achieving individual, developmentally appropriate goals. LMM is proud to use Love & Logic, WMELS, Youngstar, S.T.E.A.M, and Loose Parts in our everyday adventures. We are the best play based environment around! Teachers’ individual knowledge of each child helps them learn, grow, and blossom each day! 

Welcome to LMM's Classrooms!

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At Little Minds Matter Every child is unique, we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise. Our early learning & preschool teachers focus on building every child’s self esteem, confidence and education through positive feedback and Creative Curriculum. We nurture their natural strengths. A child see’s the world around them with wonder and awe, we believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.

About LMM

Curriculum Components:

~An encouraging environment to begin exploring life and developing and inquisitive mind.

Language/ Verbal-
Activities involving sound: Listening to stories or classical music, one-on-one spoken interaction with coos or babbles with teachers and other children. From the moment babies open their eyes they begin to make social connections.

Counting through books, poetry, and songs

Bubble blowing, interacting with nature through walks and outdoor exploration. Learning about where we live, inside and out.

Body painting, experience with textiles.

Our World/ Emotional-

Rich connections- via smiles and hugs- within the center community. Facial expressions and vocal cues are important.

Well Aware/ Small Manipulative and Large Motor-
Soft safe places to encourage rolling over, pulling up, crawling, and safely exploring.


~ A place for growing curious, happy and confident toddlers

Language/ Verbal-
Reading, singing, and engaging in conversation. Engaging in basic sign language and other forms of communication. Developing the skills to listen and understand. Responding to simple requests, using simple sentences and phrases and understanding multiple step tasks. Encouraging new vocabulary,

Counting, sorting, and pattern identification. Associating shapes to the world around us.

Nature walks, gardening, and exploring sand, water, and other sensory tables. Exploring our environments.

Dramatic play, painting with hands and feet, manipulation of other materials and textiles.

Our World/ Emotional-
Diverse interactions with the center community. Understanding how to use words and building the non-verbal cues and sign language. Guiding children to demonstrate an awareness of their emotions and describe how they are feeling through language skills. Gaining individuality and showing a willingness to try new things on their own, along with showing pride in an accomplishment.

Well Aware/ Small Manipulative and Large Motor-
Movement activities as well as hand washing and other self-help skills.  Learning to use the toilet, dress, blow their nose, and master using silverware are all self- help skills.  Our goal is to guide children to the level independence they need.

3 and 4 Year Old Focus 

High quality child care is an essential part of a seamless, integrated system that supports early learning and care for children. 

The integration of child care and early learning enhances education results by providing a continuum of care and education for children aged 0 to 12, creating a focus on healthy child development and positive outcomes for children and families through coordinated local system management.

Little Minds Matter plays an essential role in the development of your children. We not only prepare your child for future academia, but for life!

In our 3 and 4 year classrooms, we focus on the fundamental steps of learning, and life. Our goals focus on education and of course, play. The educational piece activates background knowledge on math, phonics, reading, science, reading, and social studies. Structure, preplanned play flourishes creative thinking, problem solving, social skills and the use of imagination.


Children will develop SELF-HELP SKILLS, personal hygiene awareness, and participate in classroom routines.


Children will develop proper HANDWRITING SKILLS.

Children will be exposed to a variety of THEME-BASED UNITS focusing on seasons and holidays.

Children will learn LETTER IDENTIFICATION and READING SKILLS through letter of the week activities as they journey through the alphabet.

Children will be exposed to a variety of LITERATURE to develop language skills, vocabulary, comprehension and phonetic awareness.

Children will be taught to IDENTIFY shapes, sizes, colors, CREATE patterns, CLASSIFY objects, and DEVELOP matching skills.

Children will engage in CREATIVE PLAY and ART activities.

Children will interact with MUSIC through songs, finger plays, rhymes, movement and instruments.

Children will learn about BASIC MORAL VALUES.

Family Involvement

Parental involvement is very important in the education of your child. After all, you are your child’s most important teacher and will continue in that role for years to come. We value parental participation and realize that parents are an integral part of the success of our school. Parents are welcome to visit the school and volunteer in the classrooms and for special events. We truly look forward to partnering with you!

After actively participating in our program your child will be prepared for 4 year-old Kindergarten and your family bond will have grown.